Lugrid (lugrid) wrote in newsboys,

New CD

So? What do ya'll think of the new cd?? I wanna know who is singing on song #7. It sounds like Peter is doing the chorus, I'm wondering who is doing the rap part. Overall I think it's a good cd. Haven't watched all of the dvd yet.
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Rap is Peter Furler, chorus is Phil Joel.

I've got every Newsboys cd, and every Phil Joel cd; I know their voices.
Ok cool, thanks!
i thought peter did both. It definitely sounds like Peter's voice in the chorus, and the rap has an aussie accent... also Peter?
I love the new album!!! It totally rocks, I listened to it all night long! Man it was just awesome! And I can't get I am Free out of my head, lol.
I know what you mean. I've been listening to my iPod all day.