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Hey I was wondering if anybody knows why the Newsboys have a song about or mentioning Jon Woo.I love the song but it doesnt make much sense
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This isn't what the song is about, but it's how the song came about.

(Found at:

CM: Does Steve Taylor work on some of the musical aspects or mostly the lyrics?

Peter: This is the first record that he worked a little bit on the music for. I've always loved Steve's music. The track "John Woo" was one of the first songs we wrote together musically. Every time we were tired of working on something else or we were just waiting for Duncan (drummer) to tune up or something, we kind of went to "John Woo." We worked on that for a bit. It started out a beginning riff and the chorus. We started just mixing with the verse; it was like we had nothing else to do. I was sitting there with a guitar and I started playing some chords. We hadn't really done that kind of writing before. Steve would say, "Yeah, I like that one," and I would try another chord and then ask, "What if we go to here or what if we put this count on it?" Steve would reply, "All right, let's do that!" That was the first time we'd ever written together musically. I've always done the music, gotten as much of the lyric as I could, and then handed it over to Steve Taylor. It's like running in a relay race and you know you've got Carl Lewis there saying, "Pass the baton, man."
Well you went all out! what a pal!
Awwww....thanks! I wanted to know the meaning too!
Peter Furler's comment:
»The main riff on "John Woo" came around at about the same time as "Fad Of The Land" and "Giving It Over." I must have had some seventies night or something. I'm strictly a rhythm guitarist, and that's using the term loosely. So these were moments I was proud of… "I wrote a riff!" I'm normally from the two-finger riff club, which never seemed to hurt Edge too much. I built the track at home and kind of got lost on it. We sent it to this programmer, Robert Marvin, and he sent it back with eighty-two tracks. We only ended up using about four of the tracks, but the stuff he did was really cool. Steve, an engineer and I were in the studio one day and I had just gotten a bunch of new beats from a beat CD sample thing. We sampled some of them and then played them back in live, just triggering them as I went. It gave it a real cool vibe that was hard to explain. Steve turned up with the lyric and it just cracked me up. It's from a much less straight ahead 'Bible study' kind of perspective. It's very random and a sort of snapshot of one area of my influences. I'm definitely a huge John Woo fan. It was funny, and that was what I liked about it. His story is amazing. He was a sponsored child through an agency like Compassion International and he was lead to the Lord through that organization. He's this huge director in Hollywood. The obstacles he's gone through, as a foreigner, a Christian and to be in the movie business. He's amazing. The song is a bit of a tribute, but I think the last line sums it up, "Driver there's a metaphor trying to get out." People will read all kinds of meaning into it. It's also about fear, again, in a subtle way.«
Steve Taylor's comment:
»I think Peter got it right. John Woo is an acquired taste. He started off as a Hong Kong filmmaker. He approaches each movie like an opera. He's almost like a Sam Peckinpaw, or Douglas Sirk, even Hitchcock, he has a massive cult following. The people who are into him are really into him. He's got a really distinct style, yet it is distinctive within the largest moneymaking genre; action flicks. You can see a lot of Christian imagery in his work. There's a code of honor. He talks a lot about his Christian faith. When he was growing up in Hong Kong he was adopted by a Christian relief agency that helped his family a great deal. He came to know the Lord through that agency. Everyone who works with him speaks very highly of him as a real man of integrity. There's a theme there with John Woo and Cornelius. I thought it would be nice to give the guy a few props. Beyond that, there's a story about a band in a limo with a bee stuck in it. The original idea was just about having a bee in my car. You're driving along, what do you do. If you start swatting at the thing you could go off the road and crash. If you ignore it and it stings you, especially if you're allergic than you're in trouble anyway. So what are you going to do? I thought if you change it to a band and a bee in a limo that there was something there. I think the last line sums it up, "Driver, there's a metaphor trying to get out." Taking that little picture and elevating it to a dramatic level like an opera just seemed like an interesting idea.«
Hope those helped! I meant to include the web page address, but I x'd out of the page and now I can't find it. Still searching for it though.

Hope this is what you were looking for.
The web page address is:

I like to give credit where it's due.
Oh wow!!!! Thanks !I didnt even know all that about Woo anyhow.Cool!!
It would be interesting if the Newsboys had on their web page what each song was about. For example you click on a certain album, and then you click on the song and it'll show what the song is about.
Yeah for real.That would be cool for any artist to do.
Yeah cool.Didnt know all that about Woo anyway.Really awesome!!