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newsboys's Journal

Newsboys' Crazy Freaks
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Oi there! This community is for all fans of the Christian rock band The Newsboys.

Feel free to join, just please keep a few things in mind:

1. Use the lj-cut text code if you're posting multiple images (one or two is okay, as long as they're not HUGE), long stories, or several quizzes.

2.Please keep all posts on-topic! Talking about other C-rock bands is fine, just remember this is a Newsboys community!

3. Try to be a bit respectful of other people's opinions..Not everyone has to agree on the degree of coolness of the 'boys :)

So yeah, have fun and don't do anything illegal..

This community is run by crock15 who also goes by "RSTJ917" on the ccm buzz boards.

Sister Communities: +christian_yuuth +relientk +ilikeswitchfoot