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Jeff the keyboard player?

I was wondering if anyone could answer my question. I have two Newsboys DVDs. In one of them the keyboard player, Jeff, has a microphone and one time I did see him singing.

But on my other DVD Jeff doesn't have a microphone. I have seen the Newsboys in concert twice and both times he didn't have one then either.

Just curious why he doesn't sing with the band anymore.

Does anyone know?

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He doesn't think that he has a good singing voice. Honest. During the SUTTM tour, he was the official "translator". On SUTTM, both him and Dunny are listed as backup vocals. neither of them sings anymore, but are awesome at their respective instruments.
I didn't know Duncan used to sing! Oh my goodness!

So they don't think they sing good, so they stopped???

I know at my first Newsboys concert (last year) during the song Shine, Peter went to Jeff and held the microphone up to him, but he turned his head away like he wasn't going to sing. Then Peter turned his back to Jeff and put the mic over his shoulder, like he was trying to hind the mic from Jeff. Jeff just laughed...I was wondering why he wasn't singing anymore. Kind of makes me sad.

Thanks for the info.
hind....I meant hide...OOOOPS
well that was just Pete and Jeff playing around. Do you have the Step Up to the Microphone album? Check it, look at Duncan...

Random question..which show did you go to?
I figured it was them playing around.

Step up to the microphone DVD? I don't have that dvd, I have Shine and Thrive (dvds)

I went to a concert February last year...the Newsboys were here with Rebecca St James and Jeremy Camp.

Then this past October the Newsboys were at our State Fair (had front row seats too...WOOOHOO)
i meant the Step Up to the Microphone CD.

So you went to an Adoration concert in..Ohio? (just a guess...)
Nope, South Carolina.

Not sure if it was called the Adoration you have me thinking.

I don't have the SUTTM cd :(

I have Thrive, Adoration, Shine, and Devotion.
it was the Adoration tour. The first one. :)
Oh ok...blonde moment.

What does Duncan do in the SUTTM cd? Does he sing?
its listed as percussion, drums, that is what he cant hear him sing tho
Ok, I sure didn't know about Duncan and was curious about Jeff.

I just recently started listening to the Newsboys. My sister likes them and they came in concert, so I went along, and have been hooked ever since.